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Afterparty (2021)

An ageing diva, Charlie (David Hoyle) prepares themselves a bath. But Charlie's bath-time is interrupted by some old friends who they haven't seen in years. Though Charlie is bitter about old history, their friends help them come to terms with what they've gone through and what it means to remember. Commissioned by the BBC New Creatives Scheme. 

BFI Flare, 2023

aGLIFF Prism Film Festival, 2023

GAZE Film Festival, 2023

Poland LGBT+ Film Festival, 2023

EFN Short Film Festival, 2023

Little Wing Film Festival, 2022

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, 2022

New Transmissions ICA, 2022

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The Score (2022)

The Score follows a young hustler (Brandon Bendell) and his evening with a new client (Gabriel Thompson). However as the night progresses, their evening does not go according to plan. It's not long until the casual set-up morphs into a nightmare of identity where these two strangers begin to feel the tug of an inescapable bond.

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Dream Factory (2023)

Dream Factory is an experimental film, exploring the erotics of cinema and the historical role of cinemas as cruising sites. Examining the parameters between nostalgia and fetish, Dream Factory summons cinema’s ghosts in a spectacle of gender and genre confusion. Commissioned by the Roundhouse Film Fund.

London Short Film Festival, 2024

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Brief Encounter (2023)

A short erotic neo-noir about chance meetings, absent fathers, cigarettes, shaving foam, and eye contact on public transport. Straight-8 Cannes Finalist, 2023.

Straight 8 Finalist, 2023, Cannes World Premiere

Straight 8 Top 25, 2023, BFI UK Premiere

Encounters Film Festival, 2023

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, 2023

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Lavinia's Walking Tour (2022)
Hackney-born drag artist Lavinia Co-op has become one of the elder stateswomen of the London drag scene. From the late 1970s through to the late 1980s they performed musical comedy across the UK, Europe and America. In this short documentary, Lavinia offers a personal tour of Hackney's past and present, rife with anecdotes, recollections, and camp meditations. Commissioned by Hackney Archives. 
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